Age:51 – Weight: 13st 12lb – BMI: 29 – Blood Pressure: High

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My weight loss journey started with a photograph taken by my son at his college awards ceremony. There I was, large as life by his side. At this time I weighed 13st 12lbs. This was a heavy as I wanted to go so, with enthusiasm, I decided a weight loss program was needed. I dug out my Weight Watchers books and joined a local gym. At the time, they were running a health check scheme. My blood pressure was high, my BMI was 29 and everything was saying ‘you are unfit!’

Christmas came and went and I steadily lost some weight through working out at the gym and my confidence began to return. In April, I decided to do the Race for Life. I stepped up my training and joined Weight Watchers. I now weighed 12st 10lbs. It was at this time that I asked Dave Hudson for a kettleball session as I was intrigued and wanted to now more about them.

All I can say is WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trial and knew I wanted more. Dave is an excellent trainer. He pushes the workouts with his motivation and his knowledge and experience is wonderful. My weight loss was amazing. I have a 1 to 1 training session every week with Dave and no two sessions are the same and I have lost another 2 stone! I have lost two inches from my chest, an amazing 6 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hips.

My target weight of 10st 7lbs is in sight. My fitness levels have improved, my BMI is a healthy 23.5 and my blood pressure is back to normal, thanks to Dave Hudson.

My weight loss journey hasn’t taken that longbut without Dave’s input, it would have taken much longer and would have been nowhere near as much fun.

Together we have set more goals and I look forward to my training sessions. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking for a personal trainer. Just look at my results and realise what can happen with the right help and guidance.


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In 2011 I had the honour of training Miss Hayley Kelly for the beauty pageant part of the prestigious Miss Universe competition. Although Hayley had participated in this type of event before she had never competed in an event with this bigger history and on this scale. This meant that nothing could be left to chance and everything had to be done to perfection by myself and Hayley in order just to compete.

Initially a detailed plan was written which looked at important dates and periodized her training in order to reach the desired look in the desired week. It is quite easy to peak too early or too late which obviously has terrible consequences. At this point the training plan was spot on, the next part was the diet which again was planned to get the results in week 16 of training and diet and meant at the start the diet was just clean and balanced and was not until the last 8 weeks where carbs were really reduced.

The idea here was to keep Hayley’s training intensity up and also make sure Hayley could function at work where she was a high flying business woman. Hayley’s training was a mix of resistance, kettlebells, TRX, Ropes, prowlers and power lifting.

Everything paid off not only did we work fantastic as a team, she peaked at the right time, remained injury free and on the night came in 3rd place and won an award for best hair, although unfortunately I can’t take any credit for the hair!


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Before training with Dave I’d tried other personal trainers and all the diets known to mankind, but nothing seemed to work. My weight was starting to drastically affect my life and my happiness. My mum booked my first series of workouts with Dave without me knowing. I turned up at 6.30 on a Wednesday morning unsure of what to expect.

The first thing I noticed about Dave was how he put me at ease. We discussed a series of short, medium and long term goals and Dave made it clear what was expected. Our first workout session was an assessment of where my fitness was at. I was surprised at how bad my fitness was but Dave was supportive telling me it would improve quickly and I had to start somewhere.

Dave helped over the first few weeks by providing me with a diet to follow and initially I attended the gym three times a week. The sessions were constantly varied and really interesting. When my fitness had improved slightly I started to exercise with kettle bells and started to get the bug for training with them.

All the other personal trainers had left me bored after a few weeks after they stood next to the treadmill for 20 minutes and pushed the speed and incline buttons up and down. Yet Dave actually listened to what I wanted to do and what exercise I enjoyed and found new and varied ways of pushing me.

As my fitness improved and my weight dropped my confidence soared and a massive part of that is down to Dave.

I count Dave as a genuine friend and enjoy training alongside him now. He has given me the skills and confidence to shed weight and embrace the gym. I love the gym now and never miss a session.

I’ve lost 5 stone in four months and even though I’ve still got a long way to go I know I’ll get there its just a matter of how long it takes me.

Dave and I are running the Leeds 10K together in June which is a massive goal for me and I’m determined to run it in under an hour. We are also focusing on the New You Fitness First award and that is a long term goal that’s driving us on.

In words its impossible to say to Dave what he’s done for me. I’m living again and feel that nothing can stop me. How do you thank someone for that? Personal trainers are not just for celebrities or the super rich, they are for people like me who need help to put them on the right track and they are worth every penny. Dave thank you mate, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

One Year On…

Mat ended up losing over 11 stone. He did so well, I couldn’t keep track of his progress by photographs. He ran three 10Ks and entered the Great North Run. I’m sure Mat will agree that anyone can reach their training goals with the help, knowledge and professional approach personal training offers.


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“Training with Dave is a team sport where both parties have the same goal. I have exactly what I was looking for; dynamic, varied and effective training sessions and take-away program. We look for gradual and sustainable improvement, focusing on form, strength and stamina. As a result I have flown past my original goals and am able to be more and more ambitious in what I would like to achieve. Most importantly Dave’s training has taught me how to be efficient and make the most of training time whilst being undeniably entertaining”.

Dave’s Overview of training: Amy is 21 years old her experience of training revolved around a bit running from time to time and during weight sessions she used to do predominately  high reps with low resistance weight exercises. It was clear to see she had plateaued with her previous training and wasn’t gaining the rewards she deserved for the effort and commitment she was putting in.

Training needs to be enjoyable sometimes, in a sadistic way but still enjoyable and a release from your daily routine. For training results it needs create adaptations/changes in the body, to start to gain the progressions you crave . Bompa (1972) suggests that no program should last longer than 2-8 weeks due to the negative progression of results after this time.

Initially a comprehensive health and fitness test was performed which helped to create a picture  of the previous training and related experiences.  As previously stated a lot of high reps, low weight had been performed with steady state (constant running/walking where the pace stays at one constant speed) cardiovascular work.  This in mind training needed to be completely different to create overload, which is the response in the body that makes it adapt to a new stimulus. To do this the new program was high weight with low reps Olympic lifting (5 x 5), with the only cardiovascular training coming in the form of HITT (High Intensity Type Training). The HITT training was performed with kettlebells, box jumps, intervals on the rower. The interval times and distance had been calculated and  dictated by her MAS (Maximum Aerobic speed) test score ! The changes made created overload which created the stimulus that shocked the body into making training adaptations  and developments (results).  

Since we started training together Amy has come to love Olympic lifting ( squats, dead lifts, power cleans, snatches, jerk press) and it showed in the technique, form and the weight which she lifted. The weight lifted improved week on week! She is now back at University and showing the rugby union lads how to power clean (65kg)!!!!

Body fat literally fell off with a reduction of 7% , her waist transformed and lost 6 cm. There wasn’t a fad diet insight, she ate when she was hungry and took care to eat sensible portions which included carbohydrate, protein and fat. Amy’s progress was tracked using performance not weighing scales !

Here is another study that showed the effects aerobic and resistance v’s Aerobic: