This is the back bone of David Hudson Strength & Conditioning and is what I have gained valuable experience in over a ten-year period. If you’re looking for a personalised approach to your training, then this is it! Myself or one of my trainers can design you a unique program which is goal orientated safe and effective with only you in mind. The result becomes the perfect tailored approach to your needs and better results in a shorter time frame. As a team we have a congregation of satisfied regular clients.

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What you get...

4 x PT sessions per month | 8 bootcamp sessions per month



Who is this appropriate for?

Beginner trainers who want increase knowledge of training and technique whilst enjoying the group dynamic of exercising in a class environment.

Regular trainers who are already training who may have reached a plateau and want some help and expertise to move them onto the next level with one on one training and personalised programming.

For more information, please get in touch either by calling us on 07780 434 423 or by emailing

Refer a friend: If you’re a current clients and you have a friend who’d like to give the bundle package a go, get in touch. If they sign up then you’ll receive one pt session free.


This is a unique package and one which almost guarantees results!! This package offers one to one personal training but with the added bonus of the inclusion of a meal preparation service. This means that every meal you eat and supplements you take is taken care of for you by one of the top nutritionist in the country David Stache of Nourish, all you have to do is eat and train!!

Good or bad nutrition can make or break your training this elevates that problem.

This package is tailored around the individual through a one to one consultation with myself and one of the David Stache at Nourish.


This is our group class which offers a diverse range of exercises. The bootcamps can offer a decrease in body fat and reduced inches round the waist and are a great way to increase in both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This is a fantastic way of trying some new exercises and developing technique as well as training in a social and friendly environment. Classes are inclusive of all abilities and there is no prior training needed just a willingness to put 100% effort in.

Classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday

Only £6 per session when bought as a monthly block for £72)

£10 per single session

Contact us to reserve your place. Maximum of 15 per class

Corporate Bootcamp

We also offer a corporate Bootcamp package if you’re looking to increase group cohesion within your workplace and productivity then this is for you! Research has shown that a fitter work force can lead to less time of work sick and ultimately increase your productivity. There’s no truer statement than prevention is better than the cure and we can offer a great deal at a minimal investment for you and your colleagues.

Contact us for  a tailored made package for you and your business.


Regular sports massage is a great way to overcome tight muscles which have been the effect of over training, not enough stretching which untreated can lead to more serious injury. Massage is well known for its stress relieving properties from over working.

Here at David Hudson Strength & Conditioning we are lucky enough to have to two sports masseuses. Who are both well sort after and experienced as both trainers and therapists. Their expertise can help diagnose and alleviate any pain you may be having and offer a course of action for the future.

By appointment only




The only commercial hypoxic, multi discipline altitude chamber in the north of England. Capable of 5,750 metres and up to 30 degrees temperature.

This is the most unique spin class in the north of England due to the state of art equipment is being show cased here. You will be riding one of eight Watt bikes which in themselves would be enough but you are then in attitude chamber which is set at 2500m. This is a great way to burn fat you’ll burn more calories during the session than a normal spin session and after exercise you ll have higher metabolic rate ‘after burn’ meaning you’ll been more calories after training as well.

A Chai, R (2013) completed a study on the effects of body fat levels on swimmers at altitude and this is what he found. While no change in body composition was found in the control group, subjects who trained at altitude had unequivocally decreased fat mass (-1.7 ± 0.3 kg, -11.4%) with increased lean mass (+0.8 ± 0.2 kg, +1.5%).